This sterling silver teardrop lobster clasp features a swiveling ring mechanism ideal for bracelets and necklaces—this clasp is a great choice to keep larger, heavy or multi-strand designs from twisting or tangling. One of the most common clasp styles, the lobster clasp offers a streamlined look and good security for all types of strands. Named for its resemblance to the action of a lobster claw, this clasp features a hook shape with a spring-operated closure. Simply press the release lever to allow the ring pass onto (or off of) the hook. The spring holds the clasp closed until the lever pulls it open to release the ring. This clasp is plated with fine silver to ensure a bright white color and to help protect against tarnish.

  • Clasp type : Lobster
  • Fabrication method : Cast
  • Country of origin : Italy
  • Width : 7.7mm
  • Purity : .925
  • No. of strands : 1-strand
  • Ring(s) ID : .045"
  • Metal type : Sterling silver
  • Jewelry Type : Clasps

Please Note:

• Overall length indicates the length added to your strand by the clasp.
• Because this clasp is plated, we strongly recommend that it not be subjected to soldering. The plating may burn off, leaving the finish discolored and requiring you to re-plate the clasp.

Catalog page: 2019-2020 Gems and Findings & Display and Packaging Catalog p.537