Glardon Vallorbe® Knife Needle Files


This Glardon Vallorbe® knife needle file is ideal for accessing narrow openings, angled joints and small features such as prongs. It has flat sides and edges with one edge thicker than the other so that the sides angle inward. With teeth on both sides and on the narrow edge, this double-cut file tapers to a fine point. The smooth wider edge helps protect set stones and adjacent structures against incidental contact with cutting surfaces.

This file has a Swiss cut; Swiss-cut files are graded by the number of teeth, counting teeth perpendicular to the long axis of the file. In all cut styles, the higher the number, the finer its cut.

A double-cut file features two sets of evenly spaced teeth set in two directions, one at a slightly different angle than the other. Double-cut files are designed to cut more aggressively, maximizing the work of each stroke to remove more metal with fewer strokes. At the end of the stroke, the file should be lifted from the workpiece and repositioned for the next stroke; dragging the file backward against the metal can mar the metal and damage the teeth.

Needle files feature a miniature profile with a shorter cutting surface (typically about half their length) and round, narrow handles. These small files are ideal for working on fine details and in small areas of the workpiece; they're ideal when access and surface finish take priority over metal removal. Though they can be used as-is, securing the file in a handle (available separately) improves control for better precision and tool safety.

The first choice for most jewelers, Glardon Vallorbe® files are manufactured to the highest production standards, made in Switzerland of the finest heat-tempered chrome-alloy steel. The files are precision-ground to cut quickly and accurately and to last longer than just about any other file on the market.

  • Cutting surface length : 3.94"L (100mm)
  • Dimensions : 7.87"L (200mm)
  • Country of origin : Switzerland
  • Shape : Knife
  • Type : Needle

Catalog page: 2020-2021 Tools and Equipment Catalog p.102