Glardon Vallorbe® Ceramic Fiber 100 x 2 x .5mm Pillar Files


Achieve a smooth, uniform finish on workpieces that have a hardness up to 57HRC with this 300-grit Glardon Vallorbe® ceramic fiber pillar file. The file has no particles that can break away and scratch workpieces, so it smooths without marring—ideal for refining finishes and polishing hard-to-reach places such as pierced designs and fine details. With a cutting surface on all four sides as well the end, this ceramic fiber pillar file is a great choice for squared-off edges or openings and flat areas. Use any diamond-coated dressing stone or wheel to shape the file as needed to access any detail on any surface contour from flat to rounded to angled. Use the file by hand or break off any length to use it in a reciprocating hammer handpiece in your flex shaft or micro-motor; it's also ideal for use in a power graver.

The first choice for most jewelers, Glardon Vallorbe® files are manufactured to the highest production standards. Their ceramic fiber files resist burring, cracking and breaking when used as intended, delivering a long service life. Each grit is color-coded, making it fast and easy to select the file you need as you work.

  • Cutting surface length : 100mmL x 2mmW x 0.5mmH
  • Dimensions : 4" (101mm)
  • Country of origin : Switzerland
  • Brand : Glardon Vallorbe
  • Shape : Pillar
  • Type : Ceramic

Catalog page: 2020-2021 Tools and Equipment Catalog p.106