E.C. Muller Carbon Steel Straight Line Gravers #12


This E.C Muller #12 straight line graver offers lines evenly spaced (0.15mm apart) on the cutting surface of the graver face. Line gravers are available with different quantities of lines on the cutting surface and the size number of the graver defines the width between these lines. Use line gravers for block lettering, Florentine finishes, background shading and cross-hatch patterns on flat or convex metal surfaces; they are especially ideal for western engraving styles. Choose straight line gravers for most applications; shorten, shape and sharpen the face as needed for the work you're doing. The high-carbon steel composition of this graver allows the graver to be readily shaped and sharpened—suitable for use on all metal types.

Established in New York City in 1898 by Edward C. Muller, who learned his craft from the Swiss-German masters of the late 19th century, the E.C. Muller Corporation maintains a worldwide reputation for manufacturing high-quality hand-engraving tools for professional engravers and produces a full line of jeweler's gravers, including exceptional line gravers.

  • Brand : E.C. Muller
  • Dimensions : 4"L x 2.0mmW
  • Material : Carbon steel
  • Size : #12
  • Country of origin : United States
Additional Specifications:
  • Width between lines, #12: 0.15mm
    Face width (approx.): 0.5mm

Please Note:

• Every line graver of the same size number will have the same distance between the lines on its cutting surface regardless of how many lines are on the graver. The number of lines and the graver size number you need is determined by the engraving task at hand.

Catalog page: 2020-2021 Tools and Equipment Catalog p.347