Wolf Wax Ring Tubes, Flat-Top, Center Holes


Made by Ferris® exclusively for Wolf Wax™, this gold-color ring tube features a flat top and a centered hole to give you a head start in the carving work. The basic shape of a signet ring is provided, meaning there is less time spent in removing unneeded material from the wax form. Wolf Wax™ lets you create your design and show it to your customer in approximately the same color it will be after casting and finishing. This medium-hard carving wax stands up to considerable handling, is ideal for hand-carving, lathe and milling tasks, and burns out cleanly.

Inspired by renowned master model maker and educator, Kate Wolf, Wolf Wax™ fills a void in the wax product market. Wolf Wax is slightly flexible with medium hardness and can be carved or machined with fine details. It can also be fully polished and will withstand considerable handling.

The industry standard for detailed carving waxes, Ferris® waxes are easily turned on a lathe and burn out cleanly from flasks. Low ash content makes these waxes perfect for investment casting and lost wax patterns.

  • Brand : Wolf
  • Material : Wax
  • Melt temperature : 240°F (115°C)
  • Form : Tube
  • Country of origin : United States
  • Solidus (melt) temperature : 240°F (115°C)

Please Note: Use burnout procedures for this item. Not suitable for steam dewaxing and must be evacuated using a burnout oven.

Catalog page: 2020-2021 Tools and Equipment Catalog p.603