Create one-of-a-kind jewelry with this 23.5-karat yellow gold foil. It is thicker and studier than gold leaf; its ideal for keum-boo, the centuries-old Korean art of gilding using heat and a burnisher to fuse very thin gold sheet to metal designs.

Each sheet is 23.5-karat (98% pure gold, 1.5% silver and 0.5% copper). This sheet is sold by the karat weight and not the shipping weight.

  • Country of origin : United Kingdom
  • Metal type : Gold
  • Karat : 23.5K
  • Form : Sheet
  • Shape : Flat
  • Dimensions : 3" x 3" (76.2 x 76.2mm)
  • Thickness : 0"

Please Note:

• The weight shown for this item is shipping weight, not the weight of the gold content of this sheet.
• The small amount of copper in this foil poses no problems for enameling processes.
• The dimensions of this sheet will vary, sheets are approximately 3" (76.2mm) to 3-1/2" (88.9mm) square. Sheet thickness also will vary and is extremely difficult to measure precisely, sheets are approximately .000142" (.004mm) thick.
IMPORTANT: As a supplier to the jewelry trade, Rio Grande strongly discourages any medical use of our fabrication metals. Your safety is important to us; therefore, we do not accept orders of fine gold for any purpose that includes ingesting, injecting, implanting or applying it topically. Do not use Rio Grande fine gold for colloidal purposes.

Catalog page: 2020-2021 Tools and Equipment Catalog p. 824