14K Plumb Yellow Gold Wire Solders, 22-Ga.



This 14-karat plumb yellow gold solder is cadmium-free and offers an excellent color match for 14-karat gold pieces. It comes in 22-gauge wire, making it simple to snip off as many pieces as the task requires. Wire solder can also be used for 'stick' soldering, allowing you to 'feed' solder to your task as you work. 'Plumb' solder assays at karat weight, unlike repair solder, so your finished piece retains its karat value.

Available by the inch, the foot or the pennyweight (dwt.) so that you can get exactly what you need. Minimum order is 1".

  • Gauge : 22 ga.
  • Length per weight : 14.99 in./dwt
  • Weight per length : 0.067 dwt./in.
  • Country of origin : Canada
  • Karat : 14K
  • Form : Wire
  • Solidus (melt) temperature : 1,246°F (674°C)
  • Liquidus (flow) temperature : 1,295°F (702°C)

Please Note: • All gold solder sold by Rio Grande is guaranteed plumb (±0.0015 of the stated karat value).
• Solder with confidence; all solder sold by Rio Grande has been cadmium-free since the late sixties, when the health risks of this element became known.
• A 15% restocking fee applies to returns of custom cut-to-order metals.

Catalog page: 2020-2021 Tools and Equipment Catalog p.552