Make Your Mark

Show the provenance of your pieces when you stamp your work with your name, initials, maker’s mark or custom artwork. All stamps are made in the USA by detail-driven artisans, quench-hardened and tempered for strength and durability, and engraved to a depth of .030”. Because your mark matters.

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Custom Stamps for Jewelry

Choose bent- or straight shank stamps, or stamp inserts for pliers. Straight shanks work best on flat surfaces, while bent shanks are designed just for inside curves. All of our custom stamps are ideal for marking precious metals and suitable for any soft metals including gold (14K and finer), silver, copper and brass.

Customization Options


Standard block, italicized block or script options are available.

You can order initials, names, words, ®, © and ™.

You can also specify quality marks: "Sterling," "14k," "14karat," ".925", 14/20 GF", "14/20 goldfilled" or ".925AS".


You can also upload your text, logo or other artwork as an image file:

  • Minimum resolution 300 dpi, or 1,800 px
  • Minimum font size 10 pts., or 3.53mm
  • 15MB or smaller
  • Black and white on a white background—no colors, gradients, grayscale or shading.
  • No fine lines or closely-spaced lettering or lines next to heavy lines and lettering


Turnaround Time

New orders will be shipped in approximately 2–4 weeks after final approval of artwork.



Please Note: Pricing on alpha-numeric stamps will vary based on the number and size of the characters.

Marking Stamp with Custom Artwork Price
Straight-shank stamp with design up to 12mm $125.00
Straight-shank stamp with design 12–14mm $135.00
Straight-shank stamp with design 14–16mm $145.00
Straight-shank stamp with design 16–18mm $165.00
Bent-shank stamp with design up to 3 x 7mm $135.00
Straight-shank stamp with design 14–16mm $0.35 per tag

Please Note: Please contact us for a price quote if you need a straight-shank stamp design larger than 18mm. Bent-shank stamps cannot be made larger than 3 x 7mm.

How to Order

1. Stamp Size Verification Sheet (custom artwork only)

Download the Rio Grande Custom Stamp Size Verification sheet; it is a .pdf file. You can open the downloaded file with any software that allows you to edit .pdf files, such as Adobe Acrobat or Illustrator.

Enter your Account ID and Account Name on the Stamp Size Verification sheet.

Insert your artwork into the area marked "Enlarged Artwork" and into the sample box (containing mm sizes) for your selected stamp size.

Save the completed .pdf file.

2. Submit an Order Request Form (all orders)

Fill out the order request form below.

For alpha-numeric stamps, have ready the desired height of the character(s) in millimeters.

For stamps with custom artwork, have ready the desired height of the artwork in millimeters. Upload your Stamp Size Verification sheet. The form includes space for you to add any special instructions.

Once we receive your form, we will contact you to place your order with 2 business days. Custom marking stamps are normally delivered 2–4 weeks after the order and details are finalized.

Custom stamps are non-refundable.

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