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Custom Marking Stamps

Use Rio Grande Impressions™ service to order custom marking stamps or stamp inserts that carry your name or logo. Then personalize your designs with your custom stamp—or create quality tags that you attach to your designs—and keep your business top of mind with your customers for years to come. All stamps are made in the USA.

  • Ideal for marking precious metals; suitable for any soft metals including gold (14K and finer), silver, copper and brass.
  • Superior-quality tool steel stamps are quench-hardened (to 58HRC) and tempered for strength and durability.
  • Beveled ends protect stamps against cracking and fraying.
  • Designs are engraved to a depth of .030" (.762mm).
custom marking stamps

Details & Information

For alpha-numeric custom stamps, please specify:

  • Straight- or bent-shank style stamp
  • Standard block, italicized block or script font
  • Total top-to-bottom height of character(s) (in millimeters)

Pricing on alpha-numeric stamps will vary based on the number and size of the characters needed. For custom artwork/logo stamps, please specify:

  • Straight- or bent-shank style stamp
  • Total top-to-bottom height of artwork (in millimeters)

Please Note: Bent shank stamps are not suitable for marking flat surfaces and cannot be made larger than 3mm.

Please Note: Special order items are non-refundable.


Marking Stamp with Custom Artwork Price
Straight-shank stamp with design up to 12mm $125.00
Straight-shank stamp with design 12mm–14mm $135.00
Straight-shank stamp with design 14mm–16mm $145.00
Straight-shank stamp with design 16mm–18mm $165.00
Bent-shank stamp with design up to 3 x 7mm $135.00
Please Note: Please contact us for a price quote if you need a straight-shank stamp design larger than 18mm. Bent-shank stamps cannot be made larger than 3 x 7mm.

Impressions™ Laser engraving Service cannot be completed online.

Preparing Your Order

Please Note: Ordering this service begins online but cannot be completed online.

  1. Create your artwork file (see guidelines in the 'Artwork' tab above) for the design you want your stamp to have. This could be your logo, your name, or any other design you choose to use.
  2. Download the Rio Grande Custom Stamp Size Verification sheet; it is a .pdf file. You can open the downloaded .pdf file using Illustrator, Photoshop or other software that allows you to edit .pdf files.
  3. On the Stamp Size Verification sheet, please enter your Account ID and Account Name where indicated. Copy the artwork you created into the .pdf, placing one copy in the area marked "Enlarged Artwork" and a second copy sized to fit inside the sample box (containing mm sizes) that is appropriate for the size stamp you want to customize. Save the completed .pdf file.
  4. Fill out the Impressions™ contact form, and upload the saved .pdf file of your Stamp Size Verification sheet using the upload option on the contact form. The form includes space for you to add any special instructions you may have for your stamp.
  5. Once we receive your form, we will contact you to place your order. Custom marking stamps are normally delivered 2–4 weeks after the order and details are finalized.
dark colors treated as black on stamps

Please Note: If you do not have access to the software listed, there are a few options for you:

  • You can upload the Stamp Size Verification sheet to a third-party service such as and edit the .pdf using that website's online tools (Important: Rio Grande does not have any connection to such websites, and there will likely be a usage or membership charge for using the services offered by these sites).
  • You can take the .pdf file along with your artwork file to a local print or design shop that offers these services and have the work done for you.
  • You can take advantage of free, full-featured open-source graphics programs available on the web. Examples include GIMP-Photo editing software and InkScape-Vector drawing software

Please Note: Special order items are non-refundable.

Why Does It Matter:
Straight Shank or Bent Shank?

bent shank and straight shank marking stamps

It matters very much whether you choose a straight or bent shank stamp!

Bent stamps provide great access to the inside of ring shanks and have domed tips that are ideal for curved surfaces (such as the inside of ring shanks); they are not suitable for marking flat surfaces.

Straight stamps have straight, flat tips, just what you need to mark flat surfaces such as quality or hallmark tags; they cannot properly mark curved surfaces.

Please Note: Special order items are non-refundable.

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