About Us

We exist to support the bench jeweler, the jewelry designer, the retail jeweler, the jewelry manufacturer and the educator. We make their lives easier and more fun with innovative solutions and exemplary service so they can build and grow their businesses.

Collage of #Riojeweler posts

#RioJeweler Community

Find inspiration and connection in the vibrant #RioJeweler community on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Follow this hashtag and make it yours when you share images of your creations, workspaces, challenges and triumphs. Wherever you are in your jewelry-making journey, we’re glad you’re here.

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Illustration of a diverse group of jewelers

Equality and Equity

Jewelry-making is a universal tradition forged by diverse experiences. Our goal is for everyone we engage with to see themselves represented and included in Rio Grande’s business and platforms. We are committed to serving as an ally and advocate of equality and equity.

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The original White Eagle Trading Post

It Began on Route 66

Saul Bell arrived in Albuquerque with his new bride, Olive, on one arm and his satchel of gold-smithing tools on the other. In 1944 he purchased the White Eagle Trading Post on Route 66. He ran White Eagle as his primary business while he launched Rio Grande as a wholesale supplier.

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Supply Manager Becky Scheffler at an ethically-sourced sapphire mine in Montana

Environmental Stewardship

Rio Grande strives to move beyond compliance in the responsible use of the shared resources that sustain our planet. Solar panels have powered our 180,000-square-foot facility since 2010, resulting in net-zero energy consumption. Ethical sourcing is a guiding principle for our business, from recycled fabrication metals to mine-to-market gemstones.

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Rio for Schools logo superimposed on top of a jewelry classroom

Rio for Schools

Educators and students keep the art of jewelry-making alive. We are grateful for their commitment and inspired by their courageous decision to make jewelry their livelihood. Rio for Schools invests in the future of our industry with extra savings on products and services, educational resources and access to industry knowledge.

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A jeweler in West Africa who has benefitted from the Toolbox Initiative

Giving Back

We gratefully give back to the global jewelry community and to our local community. Organizations that we support include the Craft Emergency Relief Fund, We Wield the Hammer, The Toolbox Initiative and Jewelers for Children. A team of Rio Grande associates, Rio Cares, provides service-based support to local organizations.

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An jeweler doing wax carving at the bench


RioPro helps our most active customers grow their businesses with discounted pricing, savings on second-day air and overnight shipping, access to dedicated consultants, short-term financing, curated content and more. A RioPro associate will be happy to discuss your account and qualifications.

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Our Principles

Our Principles have guided our decisions and interactions for decades. Following our Principles rather than hard-and-fast rules allows us to be flexible and creative, free to apply our experience and knowledge in meeting each customer's specific needs within a thoughtful, consistent framework.

  1. Do what you agree to do.
  2. Do not encroach on other people or their property.
  3. Create an environment of trust.
  4. Be open and honest.
  5. Treat everyone with dignity and respect.
  6. Express and value all feelings, concerns and ideas equally.
  7. Exchange your best effort for the best effort of others.
  8. Develop long-term relationships of mutual benefit (WIN/WIN).
  9. Have fun!
  10. Passionately develop and pursue shared and individual purposes and goals.
  11. Strive to maintain a positive attitude at all times.
  12. Maintain your power to succeed by choosing not to believe you are a victim.
  13. Take responsibility for your part in each life experience, and learn from it.
  14. Be successful by helping others to be successful, and accepting that help for yourself.
  15. Lead by influence (using reason, benefits and inspiration) rather than by coercion (using force, fear and innuendo).