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Rio Grande has the size and style of saw frames and saw blades you need for your jewelry designs.

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Saw Blade Specification Guide
This list of common saw blade sizes gives correlating blade thickness, depth, teeth per inch, drill size for piercing and cutting capacity.
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Ensure the best possible results with these hints for more successful sawing.

Whatever You Cut, Whenever You Cut, Find the Right Saw Frame & Saw Blade at Rio Grande

Need just the right saw frame for the design you are working on? Need to stock up on blades? Rio Grande has the size and style of saw frame you need—and the blades to go with it.

We carry a wide variety Knew Concepts saw frames, available in 3–8” throat depths, and adjustable saw frames, available in 2–6” throat depths. Our selection of saw blades includes a variety of sizes, ranging from #8 to #8/0 and every size in between. We also offer saw blade assortments, as well as saw blade and frame kits. For jewelers who want to buy in bulk, we have Laser Gold saw blades, Laser Blades saw blades, and Herkules saw blades available in gross (12 dozen) packages.

Keep your saw blades producing smooth cuts and extend their life with our exclusive line of BurLife® lubricant, available in liquid, stick, paste and a sampler kit.