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Rio Grande offers a complete line of pliers, cutters and shears that are made specially for jewelry making.

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Learn about the different types of pliers available for jewelry making and their uses in this glossary.
Learn the different types of cutters available for jewelry making and what tasks each style is best suited for.

Ring Shaping, Stone-Setting, Wire-Wrapping and More—We’ve Got the Jewelry Pliers, Cutters and Shears You Need

Working easier and more efficiently at your jeweler’s bench starts with having the right tools for the job. The right tools help you achieve better results and allow you to work longer. We carry pliers, cutters and shears specially designed for jewelry making so you can select the best hand tools for the work you do.

You’ll find a variety of jewelry pliers, including versatile chain-nose pliers, flat-nose pliers, and round-nose pliers—available in long-nose and short-nose versions. Bead-crimping pliers help you effortlessly create a smooth, professional look. Nylon jaw pliers ensure a firm grip on your workpiece without marring the surface.

Rio Grande carriers the best jewelry pliers brands such as Lindstrom, Italtec and Wubbers, as well as exclusive Swanstrom. Our jewelry pliers sets offer a great value for beginners.

Rio Grande also keeps a wide variety of jewelry cutters in stock so you can find the best cutter for your task. Bevel cutters are the most durable and are great for cutting heavier gauge wire and stock. Super-flush cutters leave a minimal pinch on your material, reducing your finishing time.

Our memory wire cutters have exceptionally strong jaws and leave ends square and usable. Looking for specialty cutters like ring cutters and sprue cutters? We have those too.

Rio Grande offers wide range of jewelry cutter types across trusted brands like Swanstrom, Lindstrom and Xuron.

The jewelry shears Rio Grande carries are great for cutting sheet metal; our selection includes aviation shears, bench shears, and compound shears and scissors.