Plating Solutions, Supplies & Equipment

Achieve bright white color with PTLUX, a Rhodium alternative from Legor. Developed with the aim of obtaining a precious white finish, this affordable solution delivers smooth, consistent results on a wide range of designs and jewelry types.

How to Plate Silver Using the Midas Pen Plating System
Like using a 24-karat gold Sharpie, you can plate gold or other metals onto a piece with incredible precision using the Midas pen plating system.
Gold-plated ring and six-beaker plating system
Whatever metal you are electroplating, follow this simple sequence guide for Midas® gold plating solution for optimum adhesion and results.

Add a Decorative Finish to Your Jewelry Designs

Whether you plate multiple workpieces in one bath or you add a decorative finish to one piece of jewelry at a time, you will find the electroplating, e-coating and electroforming supplies you need at Rio Grande.

We carry electroplating systems, equipment and accessories—including beakers and anodes—for bath plating and pen plating processes. The selection of Legor® bath plating solutions at Rio Grande includes gold plating, rhodium platingsilver plating, and palladium plating, as well as pen plating solutions. Our line of Midas® pen and bath solutions has gold plating solutions, rhodium plating solutions, and palladium plating solution. Create better bonds and achieve dependable, repeatable colors with our selection of Midas preplating solutions such as copper plating solutions and nickel plating solutions. Are you looking for black ruthenium plating solutions? We have those too.

Jewelers who want to add durable, vibrant colors to their jewelry designs will fine a wide selection of nano-ceramic e-coating solutions at Rio Grande (you can even mix colors to create a custom color for your brand or design).

Rio Grande carries electroforming kits as well as other electroforming supplies such as conductive paint and copper electroforming solution.