Metal Forming Tools for Jewelry

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Forming, Bending, Rolling and Shaping—We’ve Got the Tools for Metal on the Move

Jewelry smith, metalsmith, silversmith, goldsmith…However you identify your passion for forming, bending and shaping metal is what you do. So when you’re looking for hand-forming tools such as sturdy cast iron bench anvils, forming stakes, forming mandrels, hammers and mallets, or mechanized metal forming tools like rolling millshydraulic presses and hydraulic press kits, you only need to look to Rio Grande. Our selection of metal forming tools spans the entire spectrum of jewelry metal forming. Cut uniform shapes from sheet metal with a variety of shape cutters, customize with stamping tools & accessories, then form them into perfect domes using dapping tools and bench anvils. Size rings perfectly with a ring stretcher and reducer and form coins into perfect rings with a coin ring making system. And save time and money by cutting your own sheet metal with a heavy duty guillotine sheer. 

You name the task, we have the tool. Now get to moving…metal, that is.