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Whether you need a scale to measure casting grain, calipers to double-check the size of a stone, or you want to make sure that diamond is really a diamond, Rio Grande has the testing and measuring tools and equipment you need for accuracy at your bench.

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how to measure faceted gemstones
Use this chart as guide to measure stones and to ensure the best fit with your settings.
GemOro® Testerossa Diamond, Moissanite and White Sapphire Tester
Get four tips to help ensure you get accurate readings from your gemstone tester.

Your One-Stop Shop for Precise Measurements at Your Bench

We know how crucial it is for you to get precise measurements at your workbench. That's why Rio Grande offers a complete line of jewelry testing and measuring supplies.

If you're looking for a jewelry scale, then check out our selection. We have many digital jewelry scales that are great for use at tradeshows or on a countertop. The variety of gauges for jewelry available at Rio Grande includes bracelet gauges, wire gauges, and gemstone gauges.

Easily measure outside or inside dimensions of your jewelry workpieces with a digital caliper. Our jewelry calipers measure in both millimeters and decimal inches, and each has an easy-to-read display. Are you looking for a dial caliper? We have that too.

If you design custom rings for your customers, then check our variety of ring sticks and finger gauges to make sure you get the right fit the first time.

Choose from a variety of jewelry design templates to help you visualize your custom jewelry designs. Keep your gemstones, beads and pearls organized by size with a stone sieve.

Quickly and accurately test your white gemstones with a GemOro® or Presidium® gemstone tester and yourself and your customers against fraud.

Test your precious metals (gold, silver and platinum) with the reliable metal testing supplies available at Rio Grande. We offer complete gold acid test kits with everything you need to accurately test the purity of metal without damaging the surface. Testing stones and acid testing solutions are available separately. Our pre-mixed solutions include silver test acid, platinum test acid, and gold test acid available in 10K, 14K, 18K and 22K. We also have a gold tester from GemOro® that accurately tests all colors of gold from 6K–24K as well as platinum.