Flex Shafts & Rotary Tools

Foredom Flex Shaft
Get the extra power you need for continuous production with Rio Grande’s selection of flex shaft systems, accessories and rotary tools.
Flex Shaft 101 Tutorial
Ever wondered what you use a flex shaft for and why you should invest the money? Mark Nelson shows all the things you can do with this versatile tool.

Flex Shafts and Rotary Tools: The Most Versatile Tool Every Jeweler Should Own.

Whether you set stones, engrave, drill, cut, shape, carve, grind, finish, polish or all of the above, you will find the flex shafts and rotary tools you need to make your jewelry production easier and more efficient at Rio Grande.

We offer flex shaft systems such as Foredom®, manufactured to the highest industry standards for years of satisfied use, and Prodigy, ideal for jewelers beginning to use flex shaft systems. Choose a complete kit with everything you need to work right out of the box or select individual motors to expand your jewelry-making capabilities. When selecting the flex shaft system that’s right for you, consider some extras like a collet-type handpiece, quick-change handpiece or hammer-type handpiece, or a key-type handpiece. Handpiece attachments like the belt sander fit easily onto key-type handpieces and are ideal for power-sanding and smoothing metal. Handpiece holders clamp directly onto your bench vise to hold flex shaft handles steady while you work with both hands. Foredom® manual-dial tabletop speed control units allow you to set your desired speed to maintain a constant, ideal rpm, while foot controls deliver hands-free control. We offer many accessories designed to attach to your flex shaft stand such as peg arms, tray arms, magnetic tool holders and light bars. And keep your trusty motors and handpieces in top working condition with comprehensive tune-up kits and replacement parts.

Micro-motor systems are ideal for professional stone setting tasks. The durable, cast-iron drill press from Foredom® works with any H.30®, H.30H or H.44T handpiece for precision drilling. Need the convenience of benchtop rotary polishing? Consider the Foredom Polishing bench lathe and filter hood.