Jewelry Burs & Drills

burs and drills
Shop a wide selection of jewelry burs and drills for jewelry, including tungsten vanadium, carbide, high-speed steel, and diamond at Rio Grande.
Use this chart to select the most effective formula of BurLife® lubricant for your jewelry-making tasks.
Dentsply Maillefer #2 Bur Assortment
In this article, learn about the thirteen different types of burs and the jewelry-making tasks you can accomplish with each head shape.

Find Hundreds of Burs and Drills for Your Jewelry-Making Tasks at Rio Grande

Using the right bur or drill for the task helps you achieve better results, increases your efficiency, and boosts your jewelry production. Shop Rio Grande for a wide selection of the jewelry drills and burs for jewelry you need.

Rio Grande offers a variety of jewelry bur brands like Busch® burs, Dentsply Maillefer burs, and LYNX Hager & Meisinger burs. We offer a variety of jewelry bur head shapes, such as hart burs, ball burs, bud burs, cone burs, inverted cone burs, cylinder burs, cup burs, flame burs, flywheels, knife-edge burs, krause burs, round burs, wheel burs, and stone setting burs.

Choose cost-effective tungsten vanadium burs to cut precisely and effectively at low speeds, or add long-lasting carbide burs and to your jeweler’s workbench for applications that require or benefit from higher speeds. The diamond burs available from Rio Grande deliver uniform cutting and shaping on a wide variety of materials. Rio Grande carries high-speed steel burs that withstand high heat, keep a sharp edge and provide a clean cut.

Effectively shape and refine your jewelry wax models with the selection of wax burs at Rio Grande. We carry Wolf high-speed steel wax burs and Busch® tungsten vanadium wax burs.

Rio Grande carries carbide drills, diamond drills, hand drills, high-speed steel drills, tungsten vanadium drills, and drills for pearls.

Bur sets and drill sets are also available.

Keep your burs and drills for jewelry making within reach and easily accessible with an organizer from Rio Grande, and keep them sharp while extending their life with BurLife® lubricant.