Silver Metals for Jewelry Making

Silver Casting Grain
Whether you are looking for casting grain, sheet, solder, tubing or wire in fine silver, sterling silver, or Argentium® Silver, Rio Grande is your source for the silver fabrication metal you need including a large selection of recycled material.
Get the recommended metal gauge for common jewelry items like bracelets, ear wires rings and more, straight from our Jewelry Tech Team.
Brown and Sharpe Gauge Thickness
Compare standard gauge thicknesses to inches and millimeters with this easy chart.

Make Rio Grande Your Source for All Your Silver Fabrication Metal Needs.

Whether you are working with sterling silver, fine silver or Argentium® Silver fabrication metal, you'll find the silver jewelry-making metal you need at Rio Grande. And nearly all of our silver fabrication metal is manufactured from reclaimed material.

Browsing our selection of silver sheet, silver wire, silver strip, silver tubing is simple to do online, and our cut-to-order service will help you buy the exact amount you need for your jewelry designs, whether you order in inches, feet or Troy ounces.

Combine different materials made of the same metal to take advantage of best price breaks in your order—order a large amount of sterling silver round wire and a small amount of sterling silver gallery wire.

Create one-of-a-kind finished jewelry with our selection of mokume gane sheet and our Argentium® Silver, copper and shibuichi "Skagit" mokume gane billet rod.

If you're casting, check out our of selection of silver casting grain that we sell by the troy ounce, so you can order as much or as little you need. We also offer Legor® casting master alloy for sterling silver—available in #AG115M and #AG108M.

Are you looking for fine silver micro mesh or large sterling silver discs? We have those too.