Sheet Metal for Jewelry Making

Various sheet metal
Stock up on your go-to metal sheet for jewelry making, such as silver sheet, copper sheet, gold sheet, and more with Rio Grande and have it on hand when inspiration strikes.
Brown and Sharpe Gauge Thickness
Compare standard gauge thicknesses to inches and millimeters with this easy chart.

Bring Your Designs to Life with High-Quality Sheet Metal for Jewelry from Rio Grande

Are you looking to buy sheet metal for jewelry? Then look no further than Rio Grande for the high-quality fabrication metal you need to create custom jewelry; we have a comprehensive selection of sheet metal for jewelry making with low to no minimum orders.

Rio Grande has a large selection of precious metal sheet. Our selection of gold sheet metal for jewelry making such as yellow gold sheet, white gold sheet, and pink gold sheet. Argentium® Silver sheet, sterling silver sheet, reticulation silver sheet make up the silver sheet metal available at Rio Grande—we also have fine silver metal patent leaf, platinum sheet, and mokume gane sheet.

Offer your customers affordable custom jewelry with pieces made from yellow gold-filled sheet, pink gold-filled sheet, and silver-filled sheet. Rio Grande carries both double-clad sheet metal and single-clad sheet metal.

The base metal sheet for jewelry-making Rio Grande carriers includes brass sheet, bronze sheet, copper sheet, Damasteel® stainless steel sheet, titanium sheet, and more.

The sheet metal Rio Grande carries is available in a variety of gauges, from metal patent leaf to heavy-gauge sterling silver sheet that is great for creating thick jewelry components and other hammer-forged designs that require sturdy, more substantial fabrication metals.

Add texture to your jewelry with the selection of Cast Impressions pattern sheet available at Rio Grande. We also offer a selection of bezel strip metal.

Remember to add BurLife® to your next fabrication metal order for smooth cutting while extending the life of your saw blades, hydraulic presses, disc cutters, and blanking dies.