Metal Clay

PMC Metal Clay Assortment
Shop a wide selection of bronze clay, copper clay, and precious metal clay, as well as the tools, equipment and findings you need to bring your metal clay designs to life.
Jeweler creating a pendant with silver PMC
Welcome to BRONZclay and COPPRclay Guide Book
Get a comprehensive introduction to BRONZclay™ and COPPRclay™, from composition to creation to firing and finishing in this guide from Rio Grande.
Welcome to PMC Guide Book
Getting your feet wet with PMC®? This guide is your full introduction to the formulas, tools and techniques for working with precious metal clay.

Cut, Mold, Shape and Create with Metal Clay.

Whether you are an experienced metal clay artist or are just beginning to create works of art using metal clay, Rio Grande has the materials and tools, including kilns and torches, you need to create incredible metal clay designs.

Does silver clay spark your imagination? We carry PMC3 and PMC Flex for creating fine silver jewelry. We also offer PMC OneFire and PMC Sterling for producing pieces in sterling silver.

Add the color and value of high-karat gold to your custom metal clay designs with 22K yellow gold PMC®—our strongest variety of PMC. Or create designs and accents on your silver clay designs as freely and easily as brushing paint onto a canvas with Aura 22 gold solution.

Create large pieces—even sculptures—with our affordable base metal clay, available in BRONZclay and COPPRclay. Or white COPPRclay, available in 30-gram, 100-gram and 200-gram packages.

Be prepared to make when inspiration hits with our selection of metal clay tools.  We carry a variety of cutting tools, such as clay punches that make it easy for you to create uniform shapes and holes in your metal clay designs.

We have texture sheets that make quick and easy for you to embellish and create eye-catching patterns on your metal clay workpieces.

For jewelers new to working with metal clay and need a simple way to get started, we offer a selection of kits designed for PMC®—the advanced PMC® kit with kiln is a great option.

Did you know there are findings you can use with your metal clay? We carry an exclusive line of Embeddables® and RingCore findings that are designed to be safely fired with metal clay.