Scattering of cabochons

From classic cabochon shapes, such as rose-cut, to special shapes, like single-point crystals, our vast cabochon selection makes it simple to find the perfect gemstone.

How to Bezel Set Cabochons with Mark Nelson
Mark Nelson teaches bezel-setting, a basic stone setting skill that folds a metal setting over a cabochon, cameo or other stone.

The Perfect Cabochon for Your Jewelry Design Is at Rio Grande

Our wide selection of cabochons makes it easy for you to find the perfect flat-back gemstone for your jewelry designs. We offer oval cabochons, pear-shaped cabochons, round cabochons, square cabochons, and cabochons in special shapes, such as our single-point crystals.

It's easy to shop our complete line of natural cabs including amazonite, amethyst, carnelian, citrine, garnet, jade, lapis lazuli, moonstone and quartz just to name a few. Our manmade cabs, such as lab-created sapphire cabochons, lab-created ruby cabochons and lab-created emerald cabochons, as well as simulated opal cabochons and simulated coral cabochons are economical and reliable additions to your custom jewelry.

Rose-cut cabochons are perfect additions to vintage-style jewelry designs and look great in modern designs. For jewelry designs wanting to add depth and drama to their custom jewelry designs, high-dome cabs are the way to go.

Are you looking for a truly unique flat-back gemstone? Create one-of-a-kind pendants with boulder matrix opal cabochons, available in oval and pear shapes.

If you're creating channel and intarsia inlay designs, then look no further than Rio Grande for simulated opal block. We also carry paua shell pieces and crusted stone.

Our assortment of American Mined cabochons are ethically sourced in the United States and have a clear, direct and documentable path from the mine to your bench.

We have a team of graduate gemologists dedicated to helping you find cabochons that we may not carry or have in stock. We call this service the Rio Grande Gem Source and it's your personalized service to help you find the perfect cabochon for your jewelry design. The Rio Grande Gem Source can source any cabochon you're looking for—and answer any questions along the way.