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From anti-tarnish products to labels and tags, we have the display and packaging supplies you need in the bag.
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Tadpole Tags
Tadpole tags are the perfect solution when it comes to cost-effective pricing on almost any jewelry piece. Read this article to see how easy it is to use these secure tags on your jewelry.
guide to tarnish
In this guide, you'll get an overview of what tarnish is, how to prevent its spread and some techniques for removing it once it's formed.

Your Source for The Tags, Tickets, Bags and Anti-Tarnish Products

Whether you travel to tradeshows, ship finished jewelry to your customers, or have a retail space, we have the display and packaging supplies you need.

Keep your jewelry shining its best with 3M and Intercept® products that are treated to stop tarnish and corrosion before it starts. Tray covers are ideal for tradeshows and retail spaces, while anti-tarnish plastic bags work well when you're shipping or storing jewelry pieces. Treated tabs and strips are great for customers' home use; include them as gifts with purchases or offer them as add-ons to final sales.

Clear plastic bags are a staple for every bench. They store, organize and help you quickly identify your jewelry findings, gemstones and finished designs. At Rio Grande, you'll find clear bags in the sizes you need. We also have white-block styles that are easy to read and write on, as well as bags made of Earth-friendly biodegradable material.

Easily maintain accurate records and help your customers protect the value of their precious jewelry pieces with repair envelopes, layaway tickets, or jewelry appraisal certificates.

Label your pieces with information, such as materials, stone sizes, karat value and price to your customers with tags and labels—choose from paper or plastic string tags and tear-proof tags.

Secure jewelry to your displays with fasteners such as display pins and Velcro® hook-side dots to easily arrange pieces on a variety of fabrics. Gel delivers a discrete way for presenting temporarily set findings and loose gemstones. Have cleaning supplies on hand to keep your keep your displays clean and lint-free so your jewelry stays in the spotlight with our selection of display cleaning supplies.