Display & Packaging


Support your brand and give your jewelry the spotlight it deserves with a cohesive look that extends to everything in your line, including your displays, display cases, and packaging.

Ready to Sell? Choose Eye-Catching Displays and Packaging That Will Make Your Jewelry and Brand Stand Out.

You put countless hours into every jewelry collection you put on the market. Each piece, from its inception to final polish, represents your vision, your brand and your time at the bench. And you need jewelry displays and jewelry packaging that work just as hard as you do.

 To determine the jewelry display techniques that will work best, start by identifying which features of your design to showcase. Long necklaces look best on tall necklace bust displays while shorter necklaces and chokers work best on small necklace displays, adjustable busts and jewelry ramps. Allow for a proportional amount of display space to highlight your design, and choose a display cover and color that will enhance its best qualities. For bright metals and sparkling gemstones, Rio Grande carries darker displays like black, dark gray linen or metallic textiles like Paradiso faux leather. We offer black flocked velour and velvet display sets for a classic look or recycled metal jewelry displays and acrylic jewelry displays for more contemporary looks. For a jewelry display with artisanal appeal, shop our rustic, reclaimed or natural-finish displays or natural textiles like linen, burlap or paper twine organic fiber. Whether you are looking for necklace busts, bracelet and watch displays, earring stands or basic jewelry display ideas, look to Rio Grande to have what you need.

 When choosing the right packaging for your jewelry collection you should consider the powerful message your packaging is sending to your customers. Rio Grande has a wide selection of options that will represent your jewelry as well as your brand. You may want to choose from hardwood gift boxes, rosewood gift boxes or pinewood gift boxes or look for natural, matte or high-gloss finishes. Or consider elegant two-piece ribbon boxes or our classic flocked velour boxes. If sustainability is important to you, you’ll find a variety of jewelry boxes, jewelry cards and gift totes made with recycled, renewable or biodegradable content. Choose your style, choose your color, mix and match—it’s that easy. And don’t forget to customize with our Impressions hot-stamping service when you order.