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No longer just sporting watches and wedding bands, more men are using jewelry to create personalized looks from classic to edgy. Whether your customers’ styles lean toward refined, rugged or somewhere in-between, our extensive selection includes gold, gold-filled and sterling pieces in a variety of finishes and price points. Shop now and fill out your line with classic and on-trend pieces to meet the growing demand for individualized expression.
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Need Chains or Findings for Your Jewelry? When Details Matter, Shop Rio Grande.

Making jewelry is all about choices. How to decide which chain or finding you need is as much a creative decision as it is a money-making one. Are you manufacturing a line of necklaces and bracelets for wholesale customers, or hand-fabricating custom earrings for a specific client? Do you need to make a collection of pendants to sell in your eCommerce store, or do you have a side business repairing vintage engagement rings?

When it comes to findings and chain, you need options. That's why we offer so many of them, from classic styles to new and popular trends. And we've got them in more metals than you can shake a pair of chain-nose pliers at, whether you work in 14k yellow gold, 18k yellow gold, high-karat gold, vermeil or gold-plated, fine silver, sterling silver, or base metal.

At Rio Grande, you can buy bulk chain, spooled chain, individual chains or chain by the inch. Choose the right size chain for your project based on gauge (thickness) and length—and don't forget to match your clasp to the chain end by searching through our wide selection of chain types for the link pattern that perfectly complements your piece. You can even buy kits to make your own chainmail. (Or is it "chainmaille"?)

We also have a large selection of jewelry-making findings. Explore our huge variety of settings, bails, clasps, ear wires, blanks and jump rings, to name just a few. If it's a small part that's used to make jewelry, you'll find it at Rio Grande.