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This sterling silver wire is tempered for wrapping; anneal to soften for spiral twist. The wire is packaged on spools, but may be coiled upon request (10-ozt. maximum per coil). It can be cut to any length that satisfies the system minimum.
Orders must weigh at least 0.01ozt.; if you click 'Add to Cart' for aquantity less than this, the cart willoffer a prompt to let you knowwhat the minimum for this item is.

  • Metal type : Sterling silver
  • Karat/purity : 925
  • Hardness : 1/2-hard
  • Form : Wire
  • Shape : Square
  • Dimensions : .028" (0.71mm)
  • Gauge/thickness : 21 ga.
  • Length per weight : 18.94 ft./ozt.
  • Weight per length : 0.05 ozt./ft.
  • Metal color : White
  • Country of origin : United States

Please Note: • If you order this wire coiled, be aware that its maximum coil size is 10 ozt.; we will distribute orders larger than 10 ozt. onto as many 10-ozt. coils as necessary plus a smaller coil with any remainder (for example, if you order 24 ozts. of wire, you will receive two 10-ozt. coils and one 4-ozt. coil).
• Be aware that fine-gauge wire that is normally spooled may simply be wrapped and bagged, at our discretion, when ordered in lengths less than 5 ft.
• We strive to measure quantities ordered as closely as possible; however, due to manufacturing tolerances at the mill, please allow for a ±10% variance when ordering.
IMPORTANT: Sterling silver is an alloy containing metals that react with chemicals found in air and produce tarnish; high moisture levels, exposure to sunlight and contaminants such as salt water increase this reaction. Take steps to protect your sterling silver by keeping it in airtight packages, use tarnish-resistant products (such as tarnish tabs or strips) that absorb harmful chemicals, and store metals in a cool, dry place. Most tarnish is easily removed by polishing with a mild abrasive or soaking in an anti-tarnish solution.

Catalog page: 2018-2019 Tools and Equipment Catalog p.738