Sterilite™ De-Ox Sterling Silver Casting Grain
Alternate Text Sterilite™ De-Ox Sterling Silver Casting Grain

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Save polishing time and get superior tarnish resistance with Sterilite™ De-Ox sterling silver casting grain.

The tight grain structure delivers a smooth cast surface, reducing polishing time. The resulting bright white metal resists tarnish six times better than regular sterling silver. Your casts will stay bright for a long time, without the need for rhodium plating.

Cast items have a Vickers hardness of 80 (heat-treating increases this hardness to 97).

Any casting method.

Casting and Cleaning
In general, your casting temperature should be 100˚F (37.7˚C) above the liquidus point (somewhat hotter if the castings are intricate). Use a small amount of high-quality flux when melting with an open flame. We recommend Matt’s Casting Flux™. For further cleaning, mechanical means are recommended.

If you plan to re-use sterling silver castings, remove the copper oxides from the surface in a pickling solution or by mechanical means. We recommend a minimum 1:1 ratio of new grain to used silver. All re-used silver should be clean and free of debris.

The copper used in alloying our sterling silver is 99.9% pure and oxygen-free. Each batch of casting grain is assayed to ensure product that contains 92.5% silver.

All ingredients are kept in an oxygen-reduced atmosphere during the melting and pouring process to ensure optimum deoxidation.

  • Country of origin : United States
  • Brand : Sterilite
  • Purity : .925
  • Form : Casting grain
  • Solidus (melt) temperature : 1,550°F (843°C)
  • Liquidus (flow) temperature : 1,610°F (877°C)
  • Density : 10.283
  • Metal type : Sterling silver

Please Note: • Due to the manufacturing process of casting grain, the grain will vary in shape and size. If you need perfectly round, consistently-sized spheres please see our granule products.
• For more information regarding the use or composition of this material, please refer to the reference sheet provided below.
IMPORTANT: Sterling silver is an alloy containing metals that react with chemicals found in air and produce tarnish; high moisture levels, exposure to sunlight and contaminants such as salt water increase this reaction. Take steps to protect your sterling silver by keeping it in airtight packages, use tarnish-resistant products (such as tarnish tabs or strips) that absorb harmful chemicals, and store metals in a cool, dry place. Most tarnish is easily removed by polishing with a mild abrasive or soaking in an anti-tarnish solution.
• We strive to measure quantities ordered as closely as possible; however, due to manufacturing tolerances at the mill, please allow for a ±10% variance when ordering.