Smoky Quartz Round Checkerboard Faceted Stones, AA-Grade


This AA-grade round smoky quartz stone features a saturated color and a checkerboard pattern of facets that enhance the scintillation and depth. Its light-reflecting cut and smoky brown color complement a variety of metal colors and gemstones. The stone is a great choice for simple designs that highlight these qualities. Use this stone as a single focal point in a simple pendant or ring, or pair it with stones with yellow and orange hues, such as citrine. Smoky quartz—often incorrectly called smoky topaz—ranges from almost clear to nearly opaque. The color is the result of free silicon within the stone released by natural irradiation.

One of the most common minerals, quartz comes in many varieties and colors. The two main categories are macrocrystalline, which are usually transparent and crystals are visible, and cryptocrystalline, which appear translucent or opaque. The many varieties of quartz each offer distinct characteristics and, according to folklore, their own powers and purposes.

Round-cut gemstones are highly popular and the most commonly available. Rio round gemstones are calibrated for size and hand inspected to ensure maximum attractiveness. Checkerboard faceting features square facets across the entire crown on the gemstone; this faceting is ideal for larger gemstones, increasing the scintillation effect.

  • Cutting Center : India
  • Mineral source : Brazil
  • Stone(s) shape : Round
  • Material : Quartz
  • Stone type : Natural
  • Color : Smoky Brown
  • Clarity : Eye-clean
  • Grade : AA
  • Mohs hardness : 7
  • Refractive index : 1.544–1.553
  • Enhancement : Irradiated (R)
  • Specific gravity (g/cm3) : 2.69–2.72
  • Stone type : Natural

Please Note: • Care: Clean with warm, soapy water. Ultrasonic cleaning is usually safe; never steam clean.
• Unless precisely calibrated to an exact size, gemstone sizes vary slightly. Rio allows a tolerance of +/– 0.2mm for gemstones larger than 4mm.

Catalog page: 2019-2020 Gems and Findings & Display and Packaging Catalog p.705