Sapphire Faceted Round Beads


The faceted sapphire round beads on this strand reflect light and draw the eye; an ideal choice for necklace and bracelet designs. Use the beads to create a simple strung necklace or combine the sapphire beads with other gemstone and metal beads to create more complex pendant, bracelet and earring designs. Complete the designs with silver, yellow gold or rose gold findings to highlight the beads’ deep blue color.

Sapphire is a gem variety of corundum that is hard and durable, making it an extremely versatile stone suitable for any form of jewelry. Sapphire gets its color from titanium and iron oxides; the depth of color depends on the amount of oxides in the mineral.

Each package contains one temporarily-strung 15"-16" strand.

  • Hole size : .015" (0.4mm)
  • Country of origin : China
  • Shape : Round
  • Drill style : Full-drilled
  • Color : Deep Blue
  • Enhancement : None (N)
  • Material : Sapphire
  • Stone type : Natural
  • Stone type : Natural
Additional Specifications:
  • Beads per strand: 200 (approx.; bead sizes vary slightly).

Please Note: • Bead sizes and hole sizes are approximate and may vary slightly from bead to bead.

Catalog page: 2019-2020 Gems and Findings & Display and Packaging Catalog p.794