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The PUK 5 arc welder and microscope, developed by goldsmiths for goldsmiths, delivers TIG impulse welding that beautifully handles the finest and most intricate tasks (spot size as fine as 0.3mm) as well as tack welding for temporary joins when needed. The applications possible using the PUK 5 are very similar to what's possible with a laser welder; weld on findings adjacent to gemstones, add metal, correct porosity, seal seams, tack components prior to welding and more! Includes 30 memory slots, allowing you to save your most often-used setups for even faster operation.
• A simple-to-use touchscreen with slide function provides intuitive settings—simply select the metal type and the task you need to perform and start welding. Effective on all precious metals, including silver alloys and just about any base metal. The PUK 5 does a great job on dissimilar metals, too.
• Single rotary control offers alternative manual control over menu and parameter settings when desired.
• Smoothing function accelerates the weld cycle, increasing the heat generated in the welding zone, and helps to protect electrode tip for longer service life.
• Quality regulator (included) offers optimal and consistent flow of argon gas to protect your pieces from oxidation and contamination during the welding process.
• The welding handpiece (included) is a high-precision instrument that delivers exceptionally fast reaction time; it's also slim and comfortable in your hand. The nozzle is optimized for inert gas use, with reduced turbulence, helping shield workpieces from oxygen during welding.
• The SM5 microscope (included) provides 10X magnification, significantly enhancing the precision of your work, and can be used as a general bench microscope by simply swiveling the handpiece holder out of the way. Lenses feature DIN CERTCO-certified eye protection (UV15/IR14) for safe, confident operation. Integrated LED lighting provides a clear, brilliant, unobstructed view of the weld site; set for clear bright light (Luminescence DIN3) or dark viewing (Obscurity DIN11). Adjustable angle of inclination, hand rests and eyepieces ensure a comfortable, ergonomic posture that keeps you focused and relaxed throughout any length welding session. Field of vision is 20mm; operating distance is 145mm. A dust cover is provided.
• The handpiece dock on the microscope stand keeps the power securely anchored and exactly on target.
• Maintenance-free.
• Low operating costs.
• Space-saving design.
• Three-year warranty; GS-certified and CE-rated.

  • Brand : PUK
  • Model or style no. : 5
  • Power : 110 volts
  • Dimensions : 8"W x 10"D x 13"H (200 x 250 x 330mm)
  • Country of origin : Germany

Please Note: • Inert gas (argon) should be used with the PUK welder; a regulator is included.

Catalog page: 2018-2019 Tools and Equipment Catalog p.552