Polishing Head Adapters


The second component of a time- and money-saving two part polishing head system, this 1/2", right-hand threaded aluminum adapter attaches to a 6" or 8" polishing head disc (the first component of the system), allowing you to configure the polishing head disc as necessary for your polishing motor, then easily change out discs by unscrewing the head disc from the adapter and replacing it with another. The life of your PSAs, sponge discs and other finishing surfaces can be significantly extended since you need only change them as they wear out, not simply because you need a different surface for the next task in your process. This interchangeability significantly minimizes your inventory cost and maximizes your polishing versatility. Simply attach the adapter to the polishing head disc with the three screws and Allen wrench (included with each head disc). Then secure the adapter to the right-hand threaded shaft on your cabbing machine or arbor unit.

  • Style : Right-hand threaded
  • Country of origin : United States

Catalog page: 2018-2019 Tools and Equipment Catalog p.484