Pepetools JRM-2 Jump Ring Maker
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Ths jump-ring maker features a coil winder made from a single billet of solid machined aluminum to ensure a very strong, stable tool that doesn't wobble during use, resulting in consistent repeatable results when making coils. The winder has a dependable, easy-to-use a keyless chuck that makes changing mandrels quick and simple. Mount the coil winder to your bench (or to a piece of wood that can be clamped to the bench) using the four screw holes designed into its base.

With 20 jump ring mandrels, sizes 2.5mm to 12.0mm in .5mm increments, you can create the exact jump ring sizes you need whenever you need them for your jewelry design. Mandrel sizes 4.5mm and above have starter holes in their shanks, making it easy to catch the end of your wire in order to start the coiling process. The larger mandrels have their respective sizes stamped directly on the mandrel shaft, the smaller mandrels have their sizes stamped on the aluminum mandrel holder next to the hole for each specific mandrel.

Use the coil holder cutting box to hold and cut the coils into jump rings—its thick, sturdy spring-loaded top and stainless steel knurled knobs make it easy to secure the coil for exact cutting. The coil holder cutting box must be secured firmly to a bench or other stable surface for safety. The coil lies in the cutting groove of the coil holder and should be placed tightly against the stop closest to you; coils must be 3" long or less to allow sufficient room for the cutter. PepeLube™ (included) should be used to lubricate the blade and top of the coil before cutting.

Secure the 1-1/4" razor-sharp cutting blade into the stainless steel blade arbor—the arrow on the blade should indicate that the blade will be cutting toward you at the bottom of its rotation—and attach the arbor to the hand piece of your flex shaft. This jump ring maker is designed to work with the Foredom SR or TX motor and H.30® handpiece with foot control. The handpiece holder fits over the flex shaft for safety, providing a saw cover and serving as a guide for the blade to keep it aligned at the proper angle for cutting. Read and follow all instructions to ensure safe and effective operation.

All the tools in the kit fit neatly in the included durable black plastic (HDPE) tray. Replacement cutting blades are available.

  • Brand : Pepetools
  • Model or style no. : 307.70A
  • Country of origin : United States

Please Note:

• This jump ring maker is designed to work with the Foredom SR or TX motor and H.30® handpiece with foot control.
CAUTION! Saw blades included with this item are extremely sharp; handle with great care to avoid injury.
• DO NOT use this item with nickel steel or stainless steel wire.

Kit set includes:
  • Coil winder with keyless chuck
  • Coil holder cutting box with spring-loaded top and knobs
  • Handpiece holder (fits a Foredom® handpiece)
  • 20 jump ring mandrels (2.5, 3, 3.5, 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 11.5 and 12mm)
  • Aluminum mandrel-holding tray
  • Stainless steel blade arbor
  • Steel 1-1/4" saw blade (110162)
  • One jar of PepeLube™
  • Allen wrench
  • Black durable plastic (HDPE) tray