Neutec® SuperPerf™ Flangeless Flasks with Cross Bars


Made to the Neutec® standard of quality, nothing compares in performance to SuperPerf™ perforated flangeless flasks! Solidly constructed to exacting Neutec specifications and standards, all are Flowlogic® compatible.
• Specially engineered, large-hole perforation pattern offers more draw and enhances out-gassing during casting, delivering a more complete fill with fewer defects.
• Each flask meets precise, tight tolerances for roundness and perforation locations.
• Heavy #304 stainless steel (3mm thick) walls for long life.
• Rolled steel construction is stress-relieved for optimal performance and minimal distortion when heated.
• Clean, uniform weld eases investment removal in the devesting process. The ideal partner with the Neutec Flowlogic® casting machines.
• Because flangeless flasks can stand closer together, you can fit more flasks into your burnout oven, saving time and improving efficiency.

  • Brand : Neutec
  • Country of origin : Taiwan

Please Note:

• Specially designed for the Neutec® 510™ and 515™ models.
• Additional perforated flask sizes are available by special order (minimum quantities will apply).

Catalog page: 2020-2021 Tools and Equipment Catalog p.654