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The Neutec® PulsePoint™ Plus 140 heavy-duty laser welding machine is designed with improved features for those who never want to compromise power and need to be able to depend on precision work for their finer, more intricate pieces. The Plus 140 welder offers:
• A display touchscreen featuring an on-board camera that provides a clear view of the action going on within the chamber—ideal for training operators and for displaying work in real time to customers and clients. Easily connect the camera to a larger monitor when needed for demonstrations to larger groups of interested observers, such as in a classroom or at a jewelry repair event such as at a show or in your retail store. When you change settings, the display screen switches to show your settings, then reverts to camera mode automatically.
• Protective leather strip curtains now cover a single, full-semi-circle opening that accommodates larger workpieces more easily.
• Legs are set on casters, making it easier and safer to move the machine or adjust its position when necessary.

In addition, the Plus 140 delivers all the great benefits of all PulsePoint laser welding machines:
• With a maximum output energy of 140 joules (75 watts average output power), the Plus 140 delivers the power and control you need to complete every task, day in and day out.
• A spot diameter of 0.1–2.0mm allows for extra-fine detail work such as on or near filigree and around set stones.
• Pulse duration is 0.5–25mS for extra versatility in weld depth—ideal for repairs and model-making.
• High-efficiency optics enable a higher-duty cycle output (75W avg. output power) from fewer joules.
• High optic refractive index concentrates more energy on the target piece.
• Advanced constant-voltage inverter power supply eliminates power spikes to deliver more effective welding and drastically extend the flashlamp life.
• Superior, high-efficiency components run cooler, reducing stress on critical-wear parts, for notably longer service life and greatly reduced maintenance.
• The stabilized light path stays true, needing no adjustment.
• The PulsePoint™ Plus 140 ensures tight, repeatable control over laser parameters to deliver precise results.
• Designed to set the standard for low operating cost.
• Back-lighted graphic display allows you to easily monitor and adjust all working parameters.
• Users can set up to 99 programmable memory files for consistent results under a variety of conditions.
Advanced Ergonomics: The advanced ergonomics built into the PulsePoint™ Plus 140 laser welder minimize physical stress to the operator and maximize the effective use of floor space. The Plus 140 model allows you to adjust the height of the microscope and welding chamber from approximately 50"H to 53"H to accommodate the height of the individual user.
Use the PulsePoint to:
• Repair heirlooms, stone-set jewelry, timepieces and fragile or intricate components—even eyeglasses.
• Repair metal defects, such as porosity, in cast pieces.
• Reduce the need for torches and soldering—especially for production runs.
• Create seamless welds—even multiple welds—without creating off-color solder joints.
• Ensure a safe, toxic-free work environment.
• Repair surface porosity with laser wire.
• Weld seams and joints.
• Assemble pre-finished components more quickly.
• Repair your most delicate pieces without removing the stones.
The PulsePoint™ system includes the PulsePoint™ 140 laser welder with Leica® 10X standard stereo-microscope (optional zoom available), and the complete start-up kit, containing these supplies and accessories:
• Two user keys
• One user manual
• Polyethylene tubing for compressed air, inert gas, 8 meters
• One control pedal
• Two Allen wrenches, 2.5mm and 3mm
• Three plastic gas spreader cones
• One wrist rest
• Deionized water for tank, 5 liters
• One plastic syringe (to filling/draining coolant water
• One piece non-reflecting protective glass
• Two fuses
• Steel wire for welding, 30cm
• Steel practice blanks

  • Brand : Neutec
  • Model or style no. : PulsePoint 140
  • Dimensions : 21-7/8"W x 34-3/8"D x 50-3/16"H (adjustable)
  • Amperage : 10 amps
  • Frequency : 50/60Hz
  • Voltage : 220 volts (single phase)
  • Country of origin : Italy

Please Note:

IMPORTANT: This item is wired for a 220-volt outlet. Because amperage, outlets and plugs vary widely by location, the power cord ends in a pigtail, allowing you have an appropriate plug installed. To protect the operators and the equipment itself, this work must be done by a qualified professional prior to its use. Rio Grande assumes no liability for improper wiring of the plug.

Catalog page: 2020-2021 Tools and Equipment Catalog p.584