Neutec Dry-Media Air Separator

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Separate your workpieces from your media in a fraction of the time you do now. With the Neutec® dry media air separator, you can sort a 50-lb. (6-gal.) load in about two minutes as compared to the 15–30 minutes it may take you now. Whether you're working with hundreds of pieces or thousands, separating your workpieces from your dry media at the end of the polishing run can be the most time-consuming task in your process. And when your operation is dealing with thousands of pieces, this time consumption can be extremely costly. This ground-breaking machine from Neutec helps you streamline this work, making it as efficient as the other parts of your operation, and drastically reducing the time and money spent on getting it done, and done well.
• You need not deal with keeping the media contained as you sort. Where typical separating strategies are based simply on size (and human eyes), this machine works on the density of metal vs. media. The density of the workpieces is greater than that of the media so that, as they drop into moving air, they simply continue to fall while the lighter dry media is carried up and away by the current of air. The media is carried into one location and your workpieces collect in another. Adjust the strength of the current as needed based on the size and metal type of your workpieces and the type of media that was used.
• Collection bins are easy to access and easy to empty, making this machine the perfect partner for your high-production processes.
To use this machine, you simply load the contents of your polishing bowl into the large-capacity hopper (20"W x 19"D x 12"H) at the top. The tapered-depth hopper empties slowly (the rate of emptying is adjustable using a built-in slide latch inside the hopper) into a wide acrylic chute against an upward flow of air. The load is kept moving by a small vibrating motor that creates agitation, keeping the load moving from the hopper into the separator area. Workpieces drop through the flow into a roomy collection bin (10-1/2"W x 10-1/2"D x 5"H) while the current of air lifts the media up and away from the workpieces, depositing them into a separate holding bin (18" dia. x 19"H), ready to be reused. Workpieces, now neatly separated, are ready for the next step in your process.

  • Brand : Neutec
  • Power : 220 volts; 60Hz
  • Dimensions : 45"W x 24"D x 62-1/2"H
  • Capacity : 50 lbs. (media and pieces)
  • Country of origin : Italy

Please Note: IMPORTANT: This item is wired for a 220-volt outlet. Because amperage, outlets and plugs vary widely by location, the power cord ends in a pigtail, allowing you have an appropriate plug installed. To protect the operators and the equipment itself, this work must be done by a qualified professional prior to its use. Rio Grande assumes no liability for improper wiring of the plug.
• Empty the media collection bin between loads if necessary to avoid mixing different media.

Catalog page: 2016-2017 Tools and Equipment Catalog p.457