Neutec® CastTracker™ for 610/615, Software
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Knowledge is Power
Neutec® CastTracker™ software offers you closer control over your casting processes. Designed for the 610 and 615 casting machines, CastTracker captures vital data that the casting machine already collects for every cycle, day in and day out, in the course of producing the most efficient casting cycles for each cast. Using the CastTracker software and your own computer, you can access that data quickly and easily, building a step-by-step snapshot of every casting cycle.

• Streamline the casting cycle and your overall processes by pinpointing areas for improvement.
• When issues do occur, track down the exact step where the issue began, allowing you to resolve it with little or no downtime.

Knowledge is power, and the more you know, the more power you have over your casting process. CastTracker™ gives you the power to see and analyze data throughout the cycle; information such as:
• Temperature at the moment metal is poured.
• Pressure at the moment metal is poured
• Actions performed by the operator (input or change settings, open flask chamber, etc.)
• Alarms triggered by the machine
• Time elapsed per cycle (average)
• Time elapsed between cycles (average)
• Gas flow on or off
• Air flow on or off
• Water flow on or off

Check Cast Settings On Any Current or Past Cycle
As the 610/615 casting machine operates, it continuously saves the second-by-second casting data of every second to an SD card, up to the maximum capacity of the SD card. When the card is full, file it and start a new card or allow the newer data to overwrite the older data—the choice is yours. Through CastTracker™, the information on the card is ready for you to access, sorted by date and time of the cast, displayed on your computer.

For example, say you experience an error in the cast; the caster can go to that exact cycle and check to see if the flask in question was cast at the wrong temperature, if there were any machine alarms during the cast and review that actions taken by the operator during that cycle.

Or, for example, say you want to examine the overall process, comparing cycle times for a day's production (or for a month's or a year's production). The CastTracker gives you the power to access that information.

To get started
The CastTracker™ software includes:
• One flash drive (USB stick) with logging code and software program.
• One SD card, card receptacle and extender strap.
• Set-up instructions and user's manual.

In the casting machine: Insert the SD end of the extender strap into the control board of your 610 or 615 casting machine; affix the receptacle at the other end of the strap to the outer surface of the acrylic cover panel and insert your SD card into the receptacle.

In your computer: Plug the drive into a USB port, and download the operating software onto your computer. The easy-to-use interface requires only the cast-on date and the individual flask number to display mutiple parameters from that cycle, start to finish.

  • Publisher : Neutec
  • Country of origin : United States
Additional Specifications:
  • • PC only; run on Microsoft® Windows 8 or higher; requires very little memory space.

Please Note:

• Own a 510 or 515 FlowLogic™casting machine? Your machine can be upgraded to accommodate the CastTracker™ software; call your Neutec expert today to discuss your options.