This Matt™ Blue wax ring tube features a round profile and a centered hole to give you a head start in the carving work. The basic shape of a band is provided, meaning there is less time spent in removing unneeded material from the wax form. Matt Blue wax is bendable and especially well-suited for items needing flexibility (a 1/8" piece can bend up to 90°). This wax is formulated to the demanding specifications of professional wax carvers; the tube is true, smooth and clean to produce the best results.

Regarded by many wax designers as the best carving wax available anywhere, Matt™ waxes are formulated to the demanding specifications of professional wax carvers. Pre-milled and trued to minimize preparation time, each is specially formulated to meet a variety of carving needs. With Matt waxes, you always get true corners and edges, clean of pits or air bubbles, making it easy to produce exceptional wax carvings.

  • Brand : Matt
  • Material : Wax
  • Melt temperature : 200°F (93°C)
  • Form : Tube
  • Country of origin : United States
  • Solidus (melt) temperature : 200° (93°C)

Catalog page: 2020-2021 Tools and Equipment Catalog p.604