JoolTool™ Ultimate Signature Kit with Vacuum and Flex Shaft
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This comprehensive kit from JoolTool™ delivers grinding, finishing, polishing, dust collection and rotary tool equipment in one convenient, transportable package. The kit includes the JoolTool X sharpening and polishing system plus a variety of abrasives and tools to grind, finish and polish precious and semi-precious stones, and almost any material, including platinum, gold, silver, brass, copper, bronze, aluminum, stainless steel, tungsten, titanium and more.

The JoolTool™ flex shaft attachment expands the versatility of the JoolTool system, allowing you to perform a wide range of freehand applications, including shaping, finishing and polishing. It works well for polishing and drilling larger pieces or intricate designs.

A perfect addition to any JoolTool™ system, the vacuum/dust collector provides enhanced visibility while you work and helps keep your work area clean—not to mention making precious metal dust recovery easier so that your operation runs more cost-effectively.

The JoolTool™ essentials bag (included) is great for storing and keeping your JoolTool system organized and ready to go; it's ideal for travel and trade shows.

The innovative JoolTool™ X sharpening and polishing system is ideal for fine jewelry, woodworking and more. Unlike most sharpening and polishing systems, you can work from the underside of your workpiece, and have a clear view the entire time, due to the innovative and exclusive See-Thru Design™ of the Ninja Discs™ made for this system. The vortex design keeps your piece cool, and an attachment is available to attach the system to a vacuum (exhaust port is 1-7/8" dia.).

The JoolTool™ X system base unit includes a limited one-year manufacturer's warranty that requires owner registration with JoolTool at the time of purchase.

  • Brand : JoolTool
  • Model or style no. : JTX-ULT-1
  • Country of origin : United States
Additional Specifications:
  • Recommended wheel dia.: 3"
    Motor: 1/20hp, 500–5,000rpm

Please Note:

• The JoolTool™ features a converter built right into its power cord; once you have made certain that you have the appropriate plug (or plug adapter) for your wall outlet, you can get to work—the converter will do the rest.
IMPORTANT: This item is wired for dual 110- and 220-volt capability and is sold with a U.S. plug. Because amperage, outlets and plugs vary widely by location, you may need a different plug. If so, you are responsible for having the appropriate plug or adapter installed by a qualified professional. Rio Grande assumes no liability for improper or inadequate re-wiring or adapters procured by customer.

Kit set includes:
  • • JoolTool™ sharpening and polishing system, 110/220 volts (dual), 40 watts, 5 amps
    • JoolTool™ Dust Collector, 110 volts (330578)
    • JoolTool™ Flexshaft kit with adjustable jaw and chuck key
    • JoolTool™ Pearl-Drilling Vise by Anie (330621)
    • Quick-screw brush adapter with 1/4" shaft
    • BONUS! Adjustable tool rest for chisel and drill bit sharpening
    • 21 See-Thru™ hard backup pads (330571)
    • 15 3M Bumpon™ cushions
    • 3M Scotch-Brite™ EXL scratch eraser wheel, one of each: medium, fine and very fine
    • 3M Purple Ceramic™ abrasives, one of each: 80-grit, 120-grit, and 220-grit
    • 3M Trizact™ abrasives, one of each: 35-, 20-, 10- and 5-micron
    • 3M Diamond micro-finishing abrasives, one of each grade: 74-, 45-, 30- and 20-micron
    • 3M Diamond polishing abrasives, one of each: 3,000-, 8,000- and 50,000-grit
    • 3M cerium oxide abrasive; 100,000-grit
    • JoolTool™ polishing compound, 1 oz.
    • 3M radial brush, 3: dia., one of each: 220-grit (maroon) and 1-micron (green)
    • SEE-THRU™ felt disc
    • 3" cotton buffing wheel
    • 3M Vetrap™ protective finger wrap (roll)
    • 3M flex diamond stone grinding abrasive
    • JoolTool™ instructional DVD
    • JoolTool™ essentials bag by Anie