JoolTool™ Signature Jewelry and Lapidary Kit with Flex Shaft and JoolTool X Sharpening and Polishing System
Alternate Text Alternate Text JoolTool™ Signature Jewelry and Lapidary Kit with Flex Shaft and JoolTool X Sharpening and Polishing System

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Called a "Business-In-A-Box" by Anie, the creator of JoolTool™ equipment and accessories, this specially designed kit includes the JoolTool X sharpening and polishing system plus everything you need for shaping and polishing stones, sharpening carbide tools and for grinding, texturing and polishing almost any material, including platinum, gold, silver, brass, copper, bronze, aluminum, stainless steel, tungsten and titanium alloys.

The innovative JoolTool™ X sharpening and polishing system is ideal for fine jewelry, woodworking and more. Unlike most sharpening and polishing systems, you can work from the underside of your workpiece, and have a clear view the entire time, due to the innovative and exclusive See-Thru Design™ of the Ninja Discs™ made for this system. The vortex design keeps your piece cool, and an attachment is available to attach the system to a vacuum (exhaust port is 1-7/8" dia.).
• Ideal for tasks from rough-cutting minerals to final polish (up to 9.5 on Mohs hardness scale!).
• Repair and polish sapphire and glass watch crystals.
• Sharpen and polish any type of carbide tool.
• Work on any metal jewelry, including cleaning up raw castings and polishing chains, bracelets, pendants, and more.
• Repair and polish glass jewelry.
• Drill through gemstones or hard metals with the flexshaft & handpiece combo kit, as well as create textures and polish intricate details.
• Recommended wheel dia.: 3".
• 1/20HP, 500–5,000rpm.

The JoolTool™ system base unit includes a limited one-year manufacturer's warranty that requires owner registration with JoolTool at the time of purchase.

  • Brand : JoolTool
  • Model or style no. : JTX-ASK
  • Country of origin : United States
  • Power : 110/220 volts (dual), 50/60Hz, 1.5 amps

Please Note:

IMPORTANT: This item is wired for dual 110- and 220-volt capability and is sold with a U.S. plug. Because amperage, outlets and plugs vary widely by location, you may need a different plug. If so, you are responsible for having the appropriate plug or adapter installed by a qualified professional. Rio Grande assumes no liability for improper or inadequate re-wiring or adapters procured by customer.
• The JoolTool features a converter built right into its power cord; once you have made certain that you have the appropriate plug (or plug adapter) for your wall outlet, you can get to work—the converter will do the rest.

Catalog page: 2020-2021 Tools and Equipment Catalog p.480
Kit set includes:
  • • JoolTool™ X sharpening and polishing system, 110/220 volts (dual), 5 amps, 40 watts.
    • BONUS! Angle-Master™ tool rest accessory—offers precise, pre-set angles for maintaining exact angles and for quickly and accurately sharpening chisels, drills and other tools; makes a convenient hand-rest, too.
    • 12 See-Thru™ hard backup pads. (330571)
    • Eight 3M Bumpon­™ cushions.
    • 3M Flex diamond stone-grinding abrasive, very coarse.
    • 3M Diamond micro-finishing abrasives; grades: 74-, 45-, 30- and 20-micron.
    • 3M Premium Diamond polishing abrasives: 3,000-, 8,000-, and 50,000-grit.
    • 3M cerium oxide abrasive; 0.5-micron.
    • 3M Purple Ceramic™ abrasive; 120-grit.
    • Scotch-Brite™ EXL scratch eraser burnishing disc.
    • See-Thru™ felt disc.
    • "Fluffy" buffing wheel.
    •Radial polishing brush, 3", 4-ply, 1-micron.
    • Diamond drill set; three-piece, variety
    • JoolTool™ flex shaft kit with adjustable-jaw handpiece and chuck key.
    • Pearl and bead vise.
    • 3M Vetrap™ protective finger wrap; 1 roll.
    • BONUS JoolTool™; patented, multi-functional, adjustable-angle tool rest for chisel and drill sharpening.