Jewelry Apprentice Tool Kit
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WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, silica, crystalline (airborne particles of respirable size), titanium dioxide, nickel, possibly harmful chemicals, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm (

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Get substantial savings and give your bench a jump-start with this comprehensive kit; it is prefect for student and apprentice jewelers and is a great addition to any bench. The kit includes the essential bench tools you need to accomplish a variety of jewelry making tasks. These quality tools will deliver years of service, so you can focus on honing and expanding your skills. 

  • Country of origin : United States

Catalog page: 2020-2021 Tools and Equipment Catalog p. 6
Kit set includes:
  • Foredom® SR/30/FCT flex shaft system (117534).
    Flex shaft Swing-Away™ motor stand, 42" (117291).
    Bench pin and anvil (110014).
    Adjustable saw frame, 80mm (110041).
    LaserGold™ saw blades; pkg/12:
    —#2/0 (110306).
    —#3/0 (110305).
    —#4/0 (110304).
    Rawhide mallet, 6 oz. (112215).
    Yellow plastic mallet, 9 oz. (112231).
    Chasing hammer, 4 oz. (112227).
    French riveting hammer, 3-oz. (112188).
    Replaceable-face hammer with brass and nylon faces, 5 oz. (112416).
    Swanstrom pliers and cutters set: flat, round, chain, and super-flush; set/4 (111026).
    Maun compound diagonal cutters (111778).
    German slimline end cutters (111261).
    Prong-closing stone-setting pliers (111954).
    Pliers 'N' more organizer (113059).
    German straight-tip shop shears (111237).
    F. Dick #2-cut hand files; pkg/5: barrette, half-round ring, half-round, square and flat (114771).
    Friedrich Dick needle files (all cut #3):
    —Three-Square (114732).
    —Square (114735).
    —Round (114738).
    —Half-Round (114747).
    —Equalling (114750).
    —Barrette (114756).
    Plastic #5 file handle; pkg/3 (114922).
    Glardon Vallorbe® plastic #4 hand-file handle; pkg/3 (114923).
    Comfort grip needle file handle (114849).
    File cleaning brush (114471).
    Stainless steel straight cross-lock tweezers with fiber-grip handles (115051).
    Stainless steel curved cross-lock tweezers with fiber-grip handles (115050).
    Fine-tip locking diamond tweezers (115094).
    Steel utility tweezers assortment; set/3 (115043).
    PanaVise® Standard bench vise (113400).
    Universal work holder with handle (113089).
    Metal inside/outside ring clamp (113106).
    Bezel roller and prong pusher set (113030).
    Burnisher set: 2 bent, 1 straight (113033).
    Four-jaw pin vise (113146).
    Slim automatic center punch (118111).
    Prong-lifter with PVC handle (113641).
    German slim-leg divider, 4” (116328).
    Deluxe sliding pocket-size gauge (116075).
    Sheet and wire gauge (116015).
    K & B-style diamond and stone gauge (116177).
    Durston PrecisionFit™ steel tapered ring mandrel (112322).
    Cast iron round bracelet mandrel (112113).
    Standard-width finger gauge set, sizes 1–15, (116021).
    Steel bench block, 80 x 80 x 20mm (115315).
    High-speed twist drill bits; set/12 (349095).
    Dentsply Maillefer #1 bur assortment; pkg/24 (345929).
    BurLife® lubricant portable base and cartridges (117907).
    Donegan OptiVISOR® with #5 lens, 2.5X (113208).
    10X Triplet Hexagon Loupe (113305).
    Del Rey™ low-profile safety glasses (115777).
    Original alligator skin protective tape (2013294).
    Denim apron (113231).
    3M Sanding Stick Assortment; set/6: 220-, 270-, 320-, 400-, 600- and 1,200-grits (337286).
    3M Imperial micro-finishing film replacement belts assortment: 2 each of 220-, 320-, 400-, 600- and 1200-grits (337530).
    3M 3/4"-dia. radial bristle disc kit: 12 each of 1µ-, 220- and 400-grits (332597).
    Screwdriver replaceable-tip color-coded set with stand (118577).
    Nickel-plated 1/16" screw mandrel 303, 3/32" shank; pkg/6 (333105).
    Steel electronic digital caliper, 6" (116412).
    Steel ruler with conversion chart (116086).
    Sunshine® Cloth in Tube (337030).
    Jeweler's Resource: A Reference of Gems, Metals, Formulas and Terminology for Jewelers, Book (550045).