Jason's Works Swedish Wrap 0.6" and 0.9" Die Coin Ring Kit

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Designed to use the Swedish Wrap coin ring technique, this kit from Jason's Works enables you to make smaller rings from larger coins. It is ideal for creating the mid-knuckle rings that continue to grow in popularity, and to make rings as small as size 4.75 (U.S.) from dollar and half-dollar coins.

This kit includes one hardened stainless steel reduction die and three hardened short stackable bronze plungers each marked with witness lines to help indicate its movement as you press it downward. The tools are fitted into a wood organizer base. One 20-ft. (approx.) roll of 1/2"-wide Teflon® wrapping tape is also included.

Start the coin as usual, by punching, folding and reducing the coin with your Jason's Works tools and ring stretcher. Then, wrap your ring with several layers of Teflon® tape and set it into the Swedish Wrap die. Use the bronze plungers and your press to push the coin into the die, stacking the plungers as the ring diameter becomes smaller until the desired amount of reduction is achieved.

  • Brand : Jason's Works
  • Country of origin : United States

Please Note: • Reducing large coins to smaller sizes requires more pressure than can be produced by a ring stretcher. An arbor press or, for the smallest sizes, a hydraulic press will be needed.
IMPORTANT: Anneal often as you shape your coin using the plungers and reduction dies; this helps protects the metal integrity and design details of the coin.

Catalog page: 2018-2019 Tools and Equipment Catalog p.182
Kit set includes:
  • One hardened stainless steel die, 1-5/8"H x 1-3/4" dia. with 0.9"/1-3/4" openings (115931).
  • Three hardened bronze plungers:
  • –#6, 9/16"H x 25/32" dia. (115946)
  • –#7, 1-3/32"H x 11/16" dia. (115947)
  • –#8, 1-21/32"H x 19/32" dia. (115948)
  • One roll of Teflon® tape, 20 ft. x 1/2" (approx).