ImpressArt® Aluminum 6" x 1" Bracelet Blank


This ImpressArt® flat aluminum bracelet blank offers a great starting point for creating personalized stamped cuff bracelets. Aluminum takes a stamp beautifully and is hypoallergenic and lightweight. Aluminum is also suitable for anodizing, allowing you to add brilliant color to your bracelet designs. The blank features rounded ends that make the finished bracelet easier to wear and more attractive.

Accessories from ImpressArt®, including design stamps, the Simple Strike jig, the Ergo-Angle™ stamping hammer and straight tape (each available separately), make the process faster and simpler. Once the design is complete, shape the blank into a cuff and polish. Each package includes 5 pieces.

  • Brand : ImpressArt
  • Dimensions : 6" x 1"
  • Metal type : Aluminum
  • Material : Metal
  • Country of origin : China

Catalog page: 2018-2019 Tools and Equipment Catalog p.189