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This Master Copy low-viscosity photopolymer material from HD Pattern creates tough, hard-plastic, reusable high-definition master models from high-definition pattern molds. Once created, the model is cured with UV light (using the Firefly™ curing chamber; available separately), maximizing its hardness. Fully hardened, models can be further detailed, if needed, with rotary tools, files, engravers and polished to a perfect finish—making them ideal as a finished master pattern. Like a metal master, the finished masters offer a long service life and may be used again and again, as needed, to produce crisp production molds. A threaded cap fitted with an injection tip and protective airtight cover is included.

The Master Copy formula must be injected into clear RTV silicone molds, so that it is possible to see the interior of the mold and ensure that every detail is completely filled during the injection process. For larger production needs, the bottle may be inserted into the HD Pattern Micro-Injector (available separately), allowing you to inject multiple molds, one after the other, quickly and easily.

The finished models are heat-resistant and are suitable for molding with a variety of both RTV and heat vulcanized molding materials—mold release may be required. Before each use, throughly wash the finished Master Copy model in soapy water, then rinse and dry completely.

  • Brand : HD Pattern
  • Size : 4 oz. (118ml)
  • Country of origin : United States

Please Note: • Master Copy photopolymer solution should be stored in a cool location; keep away from heat, light and make sure container is tightly closed to avoid oxidation.
• Before injecting Master Copy into an RTV model, the model should be cleaned with ethanol or denatured alcohol until all odor is eliminated from the RTV model; mold release may be needed with some molding compounds.
• To prevent a reaction with silicone RTV, Master Copy patterns should be rinsed in alcohol, then rinsed in clean water and then given a post-curing cycle of 2–4 hours at 165°F.

Catalog page: 2020-2021 Tools and Equipment Catalog p. 624