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The Firefly™ UV curing chamber kit from HD Pattern is ideal for quickly curing Avatar photopolymer-injected mold patterns using UV light and hyperbaric pressure (an air compressor is required; available separately). The chamber itself holds up to four injected molds at a time, curing them in about 6 minutes (average); a handy timer is included. Molds are cured using a combination of UV light and the heat generated by the LED UV bulbs. At the start of the curing cycle, hyperbaric pressure is applied (and maintained throughout the cycle) to eliminate bubbles from the pattern(s), helping to prevent the defects they cause. Then, the UV lights are activated for the second half of the cycle to solidify and cure the pattern(s).

Prior to placing the molds into the chamber, the spin bag (included) begins the process of eliminating air bubbles from the mold through centrifugal force. Place the mold (still secured in the frame by the glass plates) at the bottom of the bag, then hold the top of the bag firmly and swing in around in a circle for 10–15 seconds to force the bubbles out of the mold. Repeat as needed to eliminate bubbles.

In addition to curing photopolymer models, the Firefly™ is also useful for curing RTV molds. The chamber accommodates up to six molds and cures them in a little as two hours.

If desired, multiple HD Pattern mold frames may be sandwiched together by using a common glass plate between frames to maximize the space inside the chamber. The air pressure helps to eliminate the need to vacuum the molds; however, vacuuming the silicone prior to putting it in the chamber is important for helping prevent air bubbles being caught in the mold.

  • Brand : HD Pattern
  • Voltage : 110 volts
  • Country of origin : United States

Please Note: • To supply pressure to the Firefly™ hyperbaric pressure/UV light chamber, a source of compressed air is required; compressor must be rated for at least 30psi (2 bar) and run on AC power (115V–240V). WARNING! Do not exceed 45psi (3 bar) input pressure to the regulator; doing so could cause explosion and/or injury.

Catalog page: 2020-2021 Tools and Equipment Catalog p. 12
Kit set includes:
  • The Firefly™ hyperbaric pressure/UV light chamber
  • Three stainless steel mold frames
  • One stainless steel stand
  • One AC power supply
  • One air coupling
  • One spin bag
  • One timer