GRS® Inside-Ring Holder Set for Bench Blocks or Vises

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This GRS® inside-ring holder offers greater versatility and precision for securing your rings while you work on them. The set includes both a standard expansion cone and a locking expansion cone to allow you to either hold the ring immobile or to adjust it to allow any degree of rotation as you work. The expansion cones ensure equal pressure around the entire circumference of the mandrel as it grips the inside diameter of the ring.

Mandrels are fluted on the inside to allow effective expansion inside the ring. The cleats on the locking cone engage the flutes on the mandrel to create a unique locking action that provides an unmoving platform for raising beads or accomplishing pavé setting. The standard cone, with its smooth surface, allows you to adjust the expansion for either a small amount of rotation or free rotation of the workpiece, whichever you need, while setting stones or engraving the ring surface.

Secure the ring holder in a GRS® bench block or a bench vise to achieve steady support for the holder. This ring holder is easily portable, an ideal alternative to bulkier and more expensive systems—an excellent and economical option for simple, effective management of your ring-making work.
The set includes:
• one ring holder body
• two sets of 10 mandrels, each containing diameters 13.5mm to 22.5mm in 1mm increments
• two standard expansion cones
• two locking expansion cones
• one drawbar
• one drawbar knob
• one drawbar hex nut, for low-profile use
• one GRS Allen wrench

  • Brand : GRS
  • Country of origin : United States

Catalog page: 2020-2021 Tools and Equipment Catalog p. 338