GRS® EasyGraver 120-Degree V-Point Graver Sharpening Fixture
Alternate Text GRS® EasyGraver 120-Degree V-Point Graver Sharpening Fixture

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Take much of the fuss out of sharpening V-point gravers using the GRS® EasyGraver® fixture and your Power Hone. Pre-set to a standard 120° geometry, this fixture produces a durable, precise point for line engraving, with repeatable results. The EasyGraver features five station holes, each precision-angled for shaping and refining the faces of your V-point gravers. Once shaped, subsequent sharpening of your graver is a snap using this ingenious tool.

Mount your graver to a quick-change (QC) holder. If possible, we highly recommend that the graver remain in the same holder throughout its service life. This helps speed the sharpening process and eliminates the tiny variables that are introduced any time a graver is removed and then replaced into a holder (regardless of whether it is replaced into the same holder or a different one).

Insert the holder and graver holder into the EasyGraver fixture, following the instructions included. Set the fixture onto the post assembly (not included), starting at station 1.
If you already have a GRS® post assembly that you use with your Power Hone, that assembly will work fine with the EasyGraver. If you need a post assembly, it is available separately (118-255). Follow each station around the fixture to first shape, then sharpen and refine the cutting edges of your graver. This tool is so versatile that it also allows you to create the customized face refinements favored by many engraving professionals. Complete instructions are included.

  • Brand : GRS
  • Dimensions : 6-7/8" overall length
  • Model or style no. : EasyGraver 120
  • Size : 120-degree
  • Country of origin : United States

Please Note:

To achieve the full benefit of this fixture, mount each graver in its own GRS QC tool holder and leave it in the holder throughout its service life. This will ensure a consistency to your sharpening results that is difficult to maintain when the graver is moved in and out of holders.

Catalog page: 2020-2021 Tools and Equipment Catalog p. 330