Friedrich Dick Escapement File Sets, Set of 5


This set of Friedrich Dick escapement files features five commonly used file shapes and square handles for a firm grip and fast, sure access to the style you need when you need it. They are ideal for your most delicate filing and shaping tasks, for smoothing tiny details, and for creating inside cuts. The set includes one file of each shape: equalling, round, half-round, barrette and three-square. A plastic carrying case is included.

Escapement files are narrower and thinner than standard needle files with shorter cutting surfaces and longer, square handles. Effective on gold, silver, platinum, titanium, steel and other metals, escapement files are best suited for work that requires little metal removal.

Among the finest jewelers' files in the world, Friedrich Dick files are made of tough chrome/tool steel alloy and precisely machined to yield sharp corners and fine points. These files have deep-cut teeth that provide efficient, uniform stock removal and are 66–67 HRC hardness for exceptional service with minimal care.

  • Swiss cut no. : #4
  • Cutting surface length : 1-1/2"-2"L (38.1-50.8mm)
  • Dimensions : 5-1/2" (140mm)
  • Country of origin : Switzerland
  • Brand : Friedrich Dick
  • Shape : Assortment
  • Type : Escapement

Catalog page: 2020-2021 Tools and Equipment Catalog p.94