FOV by Legor® Group PC Flap Wheels


This FOV by Legor® Group PC flap wheel is designed to deliver a uniform cut rate using less pressure, reducing operator fatigue.

The wheel features a unique flap construction with an even mineral distribution that continually exposes new mineral as the wheel wears, ensuring controlled stock removal. It is water-resistant and runs cool, reducing your pre-finishing process and resulting in a finer finish. Flap wheels are ideal to prepare metal for plating, blending out parting lines and removing defects. Multiple grades are available, providing coarse to fine cut rates.

This wheel has a 1" center hole and a 1/4" removable tapered spindle adapter hub. The hub is inserted for use with a left-hand spindle; to use with a right-hand spindle, press out the adapter and re-insert it to the opposite side.

  • Brand : FOV by Legor Group
  • Dimensions : 1"W x 5" dia
  • Hole size : 1"
  • Country of origin : China
Additional Specifications:
  • Max. speed: 6,000rpm

Catalog page: 2020-2021 Tools and Equipment Catalog p.499