Fire Blue™ Injection Wax, 50 lbs.

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Fire™ premium injection waxes from Precizioned® are uniquely formulated with vibrant color for the production of highly detailed patterns requiring superior strength and flexibility. This Fire™ Blue wax is great for delicate designs such as filigree and suitable for general patterns. This wax works well with both vacuum-assisted injection systems and standard wax pots.

Fire™ Blue is an ideal choice for first-time users of Precizioned® wax, offering a stable, forgiving formula that delivers the consistency professionals demand. This wax provides excellent injection characteristics such as good flow, low shrinkage, smooth surface finish, and outstanding reproduction of fine detail with improved levels of opacity and toughness. Models release easily from molds without pattern damage. This wax works well with both vacuum-assisted and non-vacuum-assisted injection systems.

• Injection pressure (recommended): 2–6psi
• Liquid injection temperature: 155°–162°F (68.3°–72.2°C)

  • Brand : Precizioned
  • Material : Wax
  • Melt temperature : 150°–162°F (65.6°–72.2°C)
  • Shrinkage : Low
  • Form : Pieces
  • Country of origin : United States
Additional Specifications:
  • • Flow: high
    • Readability: moderate/high
    • Opacity: good
    • Flexibility/ductility: moderate
    • Memory: moderate
    • Toughness: medium
    • Pattern shelf life: moderate

Please Note:

• Although Fire™ Blue injection wax offers a forgiving formula that is ideal for situations where stirring may be difficult, stirring is highly recommended to ensure the wax is fully homogenized.

Catalog page: 2020-2021 Tools and Equipment Catalog p. 638