Edenta Superflex Full-Sintered Diamond Cut-Off Wheels


This Edenta superflex cut-off wheel offers a diamond abrasive on both sides of the wheel. The sintered diamond abrasive is bonded to the wheel in several layers at a high temperature; the wheel not only lasts longer, but continually exposes fresh layers of abrasive as you work, ensuring a long service life. The cut-off wheel features a fully sintered diamond surface, allowing you to grind and shape workpieces. The diamond surface and edge cut cleanly, removing material while leaving a smooth polished surface; cut-off wheels are ideal for slicing stone, metal and acrylic. Edenta superflex cut-off wheels are slightly flexible, ideal accommodating workpieces with contours. The shank of each wheel has color-coded band, making it easy for you to quickly identify the one you need. Always use a lubricant, such as BurLife, when using diamond cut-off wheels.

  • Brand : Edenta
  • Material : Diamond
  • Head shape : Wheel
  • Wheel diameter : 22mm
  • Shank size : 3/32"
  • Country of origin : Liechtenstein

Catalog page: 2020-2021 Tools and Equipment Catalog p.419