This 14-karat yellow gold ClickSecure® magnetic clasp offers not one but two important benefits. First, the clasp provides the effortless ease of a magnetic closure; second—and the real "magic" of the clasp—is the patented, fold-over style self-locking mechanism that automatically closes to provide extra security when the two magnets come together. Small, very-powerful enclosed magnets pull the clasp ends together in perfect alignment, then the self-locking cap instantly secures in place over the clasp ends. This clasp features a rectangle shape with a geometric pattern on both sides; it provides a professional closure that looks great with a variety of medium-weight necklaces and bracelets and is ideal for pearl strands and gemstone strung designs. Tube-style attach rings accommodate a 22-ga. jump ring.

Magnetic clasps hold securely, yet open and close easily—ideal for those who have difficulty using regular clasps. To help prevent loss, care should be taken to ensure that the jewelry piece is not heavier than the clasp can support.

  • Brand : ClickSecure
  • Clasp type : Magnetic
  • Overall length/dimensions : 14.7mm
  • Fabrication method : Fabricated
  • Quality marked
  • Country of origin : United States
  • Width : 5.6mm
  • Karat : 14K
  • No. of strands : 1-strand
  • Metal type : Gold
  • Jewelry Type : Clasps

Please Note:

• Overall length indicates the length added to your strand by the clasp.
• Never solder on or around the magnets in this clasp; the heat permanently destroys its magnetic properties.

Catalog page: 2019-2020 Gems and Findings & Display and Packaging Catalog p. 183