Charles & Colvard® Forever One® Moissanite Hearts & Arrows Round Faceted Stones, Colorless


This round Forever One® created moissanite, by Charles & Colvard®, features a brilliant white color and incredible Hearts & Arrows faceting; this beautiful, ideal cut displays eight beautiful hearts when viewed from the table side and eight arrows viewed from the pavilion side (using a viewer). Hearts & Arrows moissanite adds an additional touch of uniqueness to ring, earring, bracelet and necklace designs. ​​​​​​

Graded by GIA standards, Forever One created moissanite achieves a colorless (D, E, F) rating; this stone represents a revolution in dazzling, sparkling clarity. A Forever One gemstone is the only created moissanite considered colorless by GIA color-grading standards. This dazzling, ultra-white gem exhibits more fiery brilliance than any other gemstone—even natural diamond—at a fraction of the cost of diamond.

The gemological properties of Moissanite Created by Charles & Colvard® lend powerful optical characteristics to your jewelry designs. Its high refractive index and light dispersion produce an ideal fusion of brilliance and fire that dazzles and captures the eye unlike any other jewel. What's more, the manufacturing process pioneered by Charles & Colvard produces one of the hardest minerals on earth with a Mohs hardness second only to diamond and higher than emerald, sapphire or ruby.

  • Cutting Center : United States
  • Brand : Charles & Colvard
  • Stone size : 4mm
  • Stone(s) shape : Round
  • Material : Moissanite
  • Stone type : Manmade
  • Color : Colorless
  • Clarity : Eye-clean
  • Mohs hardness : 9.25
  • Refractive index : 2.65–2.69
  • Enhancement : Synthetic (SYN)
  • Specific gravity : 3.33

Please Note:

• Care: Clean with warm, soapy water. Ultrasonic and steam cleaning are usually safe.
• This stone can usually be cast in place safely; however, the process involves a great many variables, and there is always risk of damage to the stone. For instructions and information, see Tyler Teague's article "Casting Stones in Place" below (or simply search our Resource Center for "casting stones in place").
• This stone is NOT suitable for firing in place in silver PMC®.
• Every Forever One® jewel is discreetly laser-engraved by Charles & Colvard®, verifying its authenticity, and includes a certificate of authenticity (for stones 4mm and larger), a limited-warranty card and a bench guide.
• Unless precisely calibrated to an exact size, gemstone sizes vary slightly. Rio allows a tolerance of +/– 0.2mm for gemstones larger than 4mm (+/– 0.1mm for stones 4mm and smaller).
• Charles & Colvard® Guarantee: If you should happen to chip a stone, please return the damaged stone to Rio Grande and we will replace it at no additional cost.